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Need a new website? Have current webhost woes?

Reiners Cloud offers top-notch, whiteglove, hands off; web design, hosting, Search Engine Optimization Services, managed IT Services, custom vinyl decals, custom stickers, and large format vinyl printing and cutting services near Sioux Falls, SD at an affordable rate.

We strive for an unforgettable customer service experience.

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Our Hosting plans offer more.

We offer hosting plans on both  shared, and dedicated cloud machines. Our larger packages allow for hosting multiple domains and websites.

Search Engine Optimization Help

We can recommend fixes for your existing site, add it to google, and manage everything for you, for a low monthly rate.

General IT Help

We've seen it all, with 20+ years experience in everything IT, we love Linux and Open Source. 

Let us handle your hosting, development and any tech issues today

We monitor everything, all websites, hosted databases, and hosted email plans are backed up offsite nightly for your piece of mind, as well as ours.

Web Design Services

If your old site just needs a few tweaks, that latest new JavaScript doodad, or you're looking for a full blown new site using the latest and greatest of new technologies, we'd love to take it off your hands.


Did you know, there's a little more work involved than just setting up a website, it's best practice to generate sitemaps, add the sitemap the main search engines, and fix any data issues add SSL, and make sure certificates don't expire. We do all of this for you, for a very reasonable rate.

Web Hosting Services

We cover you completely, consider us your web team and partner, we can help by doing all edits you need. We also offer Wordpress hosting if thats what you're looking for.

Custom Development Service

Contact us, let us solve your problems with a custom developed solution, We enjoy automation, and any kind of process creation you might be looking for.

Let us help make your site more useful.

If your website is a little outdate, our team can whip up a new site for you, or update your existing site, Sometimes the world gets away from us, and a page is forgotten, let Reiners Cloud Consulting do a refresh for you or your organization.


We offer managed Wordpress hosting services in the medium level or higher hosting plans.


We can make you a fresh bootstrap site like this one.


All Reiners Cloud Servers run Linux, we love Linux.

25 years+

Reiners Cloud has been in the it and tech business for 25 years, and has tons of valuable resources to help your company thrive in these new tech times.

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our smile-worthy hosting and hourly IT service plans

Reiners Cloud Consulting offers clients the following hosting packages that should suit your needs nicely. If you don't see something you are looking for, just ask.

Small site - fully managed


  • limited bandwidth site - best for small business sites,
  • Basic SEO Services
  • Basic Site Management, SSL Certificate management.
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Most Popular
Medium Site - fully managed


  • Damn near* unlimited bandwidth
  • Advanced SEO Service included in monthly rate, let us list you in Google and Bing.
  • Advanced Site Management, SSL Certificate Management, Multiple Domains.
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Website Design & IT Services


  • Let us be a tool for your business, leverage us for anything IT related.
  • 24/7 Availability & SLA.
  • Advanced SEO Services
  • Licensed, and Insured.
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Q - Do you require long term contracts?

No, all hosting can be done month to month. Although we do allow prepayment of services.

Qustion: Can you move my website from it's old host?

Yes, We can help you move your website to Reiners Cloud Hosting Service, or your own cloud host.

Question: Do you have a Datacenter?

We will offer inhouse off cloud hosting plans as soon as fiber is installed, but currently, and for the forseable future, all production hosting is done from cloud providers, Either Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, or Linode depending on feature set and performance required.

We keep multiple copies of your site available on business plans, and load balance when uptime is a requirement.

Typical cloud hosting has an incredible uptime, newer sites are hosted through Linode, as the price and performance is top notch in the midwest, due to a centrally located datacenter in TX.

We've got machines in multiple zones of the US, and We'll select the best hosting for your site.

Question: Can your purchase a domain, handle SSL, and monitor the site for me?

Letsencrypt certificates are included in our hosting plans, Purchased certificates can be used, if you need Enhanced Verification certificates, We can also purchase them for you for an added cost and bill you.

All websites are monitored for up time using 3 different checkers. SSL is also monitored.

Question: What features do you offer for plans?

Normally smaller hosting plans come with basic storage, and bandwidth, as an added bonus, if you develop of make modifications yourself, We offer shell accounts, SFTP, FTP, FTPS, Web folder access, SSH, Mail hosting, Web hosting, Business Plans can have a wide variety of needs, and We will work with you.

Question: Can you move my site for me?
In most cases We'll move your site for an hourly rate, and help with whatever level of support is needed to get you up and running quickly. Typically, depending on the site, and what is required It costs between $100-1500, although most sites are in the $100-400 range, after that, monthly hosting and whatever maintenance your site needs is also charged at an hourly rate.

If you just need a hosting place, and you are a web developer or you have a team for that, then our hosting costs are very affordable for almost everyone.

Question: What will a new site cost me?

This is an extremely hard question to answer, because website hosting varies by a lot, If you need just a single static site, with just a page or two, and maybe a contact form, $300 is a good start.

Once pages grow to over a few pages, most of the time it's easier to move to a Wordpress hosting package so it's easier for multiple people to manage the website. All hosting plans are offered MySQL databases as well, if needed.

Wordpress website redesigns start at around $500 and quickly go up depending on the amount of time to reach the final product, pages needed, etc.

Contact us for a quote to get you where you need to be at 605-336-7063, the call/chat button on this website, or use the web form on this page.

Not sure which plan suits you?

Let us hear what your site does, we can easily gauge for you.