Sending alerts to from SABnzbd

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The code mentioned below is located on my github account, there is a link in the header bar.

git clone

I was looking for a simple bot to post to a channel within my RC server. Here it is.

sudo python -m pip install rocket-python

Finding your roomId:

first configure the API lines in both scripts with your rocketchat username and password, and server URL and run, you should get output like so:

api = RocketChatAPI(settings={'username': 'rocketchat_user_email', 'password': 'rocketchat_user_pass', 'domain': ''})

Running the script should display this output if your authentication works correctly, and you ran the pip install command above.

[20:27 justin ~]$ ./
Public rooms
Name: general, ID: GENERAL
Name: quickbox, ID: Gbbk7fgNLWisw2ZuR
Name: test, ID: CsG97m467vAo5Xsn
Private rooms:
Name: private1, ID: 2zsYWT5FrahC45GM

Notification script setup:

Modify the same line api = within with correct user settings.

Modify the roomId = line with your ID you found running the script.

copy file to /home/<user>/SABnzbd/scripts and select from within sabnzbd.

If you notice Sab not running the script, go under categories in SAB settings and make sure you have your script set to run as default.

For my setup I created a different user to use for this in, I just invite the user if I want it to post. This user is set up as a bot within rocketchat. This also does not require a webhook to work.

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