Korora Linux - Gone for good?

I have been using Korora Linux since I found it a couple years ago. It was a nice spin on fedora, my recommended distro for my laptops and work desktops.

It was always really stable for me. The other day someone posted on reddit about Fedora releasing F28, I commented and asked if they had tried Korora, only to learn that less than 12 hours later they have shelved the operating system. Halting all updates to the operating system...

So here I am looking for a replacement distro to use as my new daily driver. I am a huge fan of redhat based distros since that is what I work with, on my 100+ servers I have strewn about the US I manage or help manage.

So Korora developers, if you see this, THANK YOU for giving your operating system to others, you did great work!

Thanks for stopping by!,

PS - If someone would like to recommend me a distro I'd gladly spin up a VM to try it out!

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