Installing docker and couchbase on CentOS 7

Installing docker on CentOS 7

sudo yum install docker  
sudo systemctl enable docker  
sudo systemctl start docker  

Install the docker image:

sudo docker run -d --name db -p 8091-8094:8091-8094 -p 11210:11210 couchbase  

and open the configuration wizard

to enable your docker container on boot, find your container id:

[root@cam ~]# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                 CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                        NAMES  
525449b441da        kerberos/kerberos   "/bin/bash /"   9 minutes ago       Up 9 minutes>80/tcp,>8889/tcp   3rdelevator  

When you find the container ID, startup policies can be changed with docker update

[root@cam ~]# docker update --restart=always 525449b441da

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