I’ll be working on the reiners.io website this week

I’m in process of moving all data from my ghost blog to WordPress on another server. Please give me some slack as the site may look a bit weird this week as I fix things.


The site will be a lot more functional, I never thought I would get so many visitors from around the world. I just want to thank you for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “I’ll be working on the reiners.io website this week

    1. Just felt like a change, I needed a few plugins that did not exist for Ghost. Plus my Ghost install was super old. The only complaint I have is I need to go back and change every damn code block. I’ve been a bit busy and have not had the time I need to fix the layout in a couple spots, but hopefully with Thanksgiving this week I can fix what’s broken.

      I really do like the markdown formatting on Ghost, and I might switch back again some time.

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