My Home Automation and Security.


We've been using 2 different security systems since we moved in, a normal known security brand I will not mention here, and Simplisafe to test it out since they are a little cheaper.

The first month I had it, it told me "power failure, on backup power for 3 weeks and would never receive a test signal. They ended up swapping me from an ATT module to a Verizon module. Hey cool! Now it can receive the test signal. It still tells be about being on backup power whenever I use it, must be some really good AA batteries in this thing

Update: Today I came home to a HOT smell in the kitchen, Like warm plastic and electronics. 4 months after I purchased the simplisafe system the batteries leaked, and very well could have started a fire in the kitchen.

Google Home

As far as lights go, this is pretty easy to control. I've been using Google Home to control my Android TV's and lights using about 20 samsung hue lights throughout the house.

B.Hyve Sprinkler Controller.

I recently purchased a home that had some in-ground sprinklers and an OLD Toro timer in the garage. When it was finally warm enough to turn the sprinklers on here in NE I tried to switch it to manual and it decided it would be awesome, and time-saving to run all of the stations at the same time... Leaving me with a 3-foot stream of water coming out everywhere due to low water pressure...

You win Toro...

So to Amazon I went! I'm a pretty savvy guy for the most part and figured all I needed was a new controller and I'd be back in business. I ended up looking at many reviews and reading up on many timers. I finally decided to bit the bullet and picked up an Orbitz B.Hyve controller to control my sprinklers.

It offers a smart watering feature that checks a weather API, so you will no longer be the idiot neighbor watering during a heavy rain shower.

I think it's a great device and totally worth it. It allowed me to take photos of the different stations in the yard, so I can just click a picture and set the runtime if I want to water a single section that looks dry.

I'll keep this page updated to new automation things I check out. If you know of anything that works well, please leave me a comment. I love finding new things to check out and research.
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