TMUX Cheat Sheet

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Years ago I started taking advantage of tmux – the terminal multiplexer. Like screen, it’ll let you run multiple terminals, and your program will stay running when you leave it or lose SSH connections.

Session Management

New session

New session with name

List sessions

Attach to session by name

Attach to last session

Kill a session

Switch to next session

Switch to last session

Detach from session

Rename session

Vertical Split Screen

Create vertical split

Go to next pane

Go to previous pane

Move active pane to the right

Move active pane to the left

Move edge of pane right (resize)

Move edge of pane left (resize)

Convert pane to window

Kill pane

Horizontal Split Screen

Create horizontal split

Go to next pane

Go to previous pane

Move active pane down

Move active pane up

Move edge of pane up (resize)

Move edge of pane down (resize)

Convert pane to window

Kill pane

Reset password for SQL server on Centos 7

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I have a development instance of mssql that I keep forgetting the damn password on.

It sure is a good thing it’s easy to reset 🙂 Run the following commands as root.

stop the service

set sa password:

start server

Now you should be able to connect like so:

SNOM 821 and 3CX woes

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I’ve noticed from the factory the built-in web server was not enabled. To get the phone working, you must enable the web server, and set a http user and password.

To enable the web server:

0.) Phone menu > Maintenence > Administrator Mode > 0000
1.) Phone menu > Network > Webserver > HTTP/HTTPS selection
2.) Phone menu > Network > Webserver > set web user (I used: admin)
3.) Phone menu > Network > Web server > set web pass (I used: 1234)
4.) Reboot the phone, Phone menu > maintenance > reboot.

To provision on 3CX:

1.) You can update the firmware by pasting the following into the phones software update url box:

Once the phone is updated, if the 3CX system is on the same network, it should be plug and play.

Offnet setup:

If the phone system is off-network, you need to go to extensions, options and enable WAN calls for the line. You will need to add the phone and MAC address and set it to stun.

At this point I just rebooted the phone, and it provisioned on next boot after entering the users extension number for the username, and the voicemail pin for the password.